Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trust me, I'm an expert.

As a lover of fashion, my style has definitely changed over the years. Having an appreciation of an eclectic array of designers makes it difficult to maintain a consistent look. However, one philosophy set forth by my father can keep it simple: stick to what you know.

I know Ray-ban makes excellent, stylish, quality eyewear. Ralph Lauren is the king of a good polo. You want a modern shoe with a European edge? Aldo is your place to go. Looking for a trench for this rainy slump Texas has fallen into? Burberry is the godfather of trenches. From Gant to Falconable, men's dress shirts are more than covered by masters of this craft.

But what about denim? Almost every label and designer has a line of denim making it impossible and at times overwhelming for a buyer. The solution? Stick with what you know. While nothing may have gotten between Brook Shields and her Calvin's, my denim budget only budges for Levi's.

The American icon has revamped itself over the past decade making it more stylish, modern, and relevant than the iPad. The best part? Every look you could ever want, Levi's produces. From the modern skinny jean to the classic and updated Levi 501 my father has worn for 50 years, this brand covers it all, and oh-so beautifully. Any color, any cut, Levi's has it. Levi's can take you from a busy chaotic day in style and lead you into an elegant and sophisticated night out in GQ fashion.

Levi's Jeans classic 501

Levi's Jeans 559 Relaxed

Levi's 514 Slim Straight

And my favorite right now...

Levi's Jeans 510 Skinny Jean

However you like your denim, Levi's Jeans are the expert and my personal go to for all my denim goods. Levi's Jeans are definitely sticking to what they know best-creating perfect jeans.

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