Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't Call my Name, Don't Call my Name....

Personally, I think Lady GaGa is a wacko and I don't understand most of what she does. Though I am Christian and don't appreciate the rosary scene or religious references, I can't stop watching the video. It's so weird and almost whimsical in a way.

I desperately want to understand whats going on here. Who is Alejandro? Why can't she be with him anymore? What's on her head? Why are the dancers wearing stilettos? Who the eff is Roberto/Fernando? Where can I learn that dance routine? Side note, if you look past the elementary school bowl cuts, the guys are kind of attractive.

Do you think the dancers are wearing Louboutins?

Random Questionnaire

I snagged these questions from a fellow blogger.

Favorite color:
Navy blue

Favorite Brands/Designers: Polo Ralph Lauren (shocker) and Brooks Brothers.

Favorite Restaurant:
lunch- Eatzi's in Dallas TX; Dinner- Perry's in Austin, TX

Running (slowly), enjoying the sun, cooking Paula Deen recipes, attempting to learn golf, drinking (I am in college)

Favorite thing about yourself:
I tend to find humor in most situations.

What does your room look like (color scheme, theme, etc.)
: Basic beige walls, navy sheets with white duvet. Nautical striped throw pillows and a white upholstered accent chair. Classic dark wood dresser.

If you could have dinner with 2 people (dead or alive) who would they be
: My grandfather on momma's side and Jackie O.

What is your next “big splurge”:
I want some ostrich cowboy boots.

What is your favorite joke, quote, or saying:
"God doesn't care where you go as long as you show up."

Anything else you would like us to know about you (random fact)!?
I still watch Golden Girls reruns daily.


Hey y'all. So it has come to my attention that as I sit in a cubicle 8 agonizing hours a day interning, my friends are embracing life. Thank goodness for facebook and excellent photo quality. One of my best friend is in Spain for the summer salsaing with the gorgeous chicos y chicas.

Meanwhile, another former classmate has been in Australia since January. Australia dosn't really appeal to me, personally. However, given the opportunity I wouldn't turn down a free trip. Plus, the pictures are magnificent.

However, my friend who is definitely embracing every moment would be my friend Marlana. She spent a year in Argentina and Chile where she inevitably fell in love. As of yesterday, she is engaged to an amazing Chilean who balances her perfectly. ¡ Felicidades! I am so happy for them! I hope it's a summer wedding so I can wear a seersucker or linen suit.

I couldn't be happier for all my friends and their amazing experiences and life changing events. I wish all of them the best. Cheers!