Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Marching Towards Monochromatics

Technically it is still winter season; However, I cannot help but begin to prepare my closet for my favorite season- SPRING. I have wasted countless hours - scratch that- hours have been rightfully utilized clicking away at spring 2011 fashion shows. Allergies aside, spring weather allows one to vary his or her wardrobe from day to day, hour to hour. One day might call for a simple, but well fitting, t-shirt and jeans while the next might call for a slouchy cardigan and boots. Regardless, one thing that will for sure be happening this spring: Monochromatics. More specifically for men- various shades of gray and camel.

Canali Spring 2011

Hermes Spring 2011

Iceberg Spring 2011

I am loving this for spring. I appreciate that monochromatics are relevant even when mixing patterns and texture. As a side note, while an all camel outfit can look expensive and modern, it can also look like you are a Dixie cup of spiked fruit punch away from joining a cult. Wear with caution.

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