Friday, May 14, 2010

Chick-a, Chik-a What?

Hey y'all. So my friend and I, whom I will refer to as "Boo" being that is her given nickname, decided to make some good ol' southern comfort food for dinner. What did we prepare with such love and tender care this evening? Chicken Pot Pie, of course (recipe via one of the Deen boys).

It wasn't until the pie was half baked that we realized we prepared the dish sans milk, a careless error on my behalf. However the meal proved to be no less delicious. Accompanied by some of my world famous sweet tea, our meal was comfort food at it's finest. I need to start cooking more often, and I don't mean my regular pb&js and cereal. Boo is a wiz in the kitchen, though, so I know I will never go hungry with her in my life.

In other news, I got a Blackberry. Welcome to the 21st century, JDP. It's about time I join the rest of modern civilization.