Monday, January 24, 2011

"Invest in GOLD"

During these mild (according to my professor) yet still pervasive economic hardships, it is important that those of us just beginning to embark on our real world journeys spend our hard earned cash wisely. Apparently the men of the past were on to something- GOLD. If I have learned anything in my business courses, it is that investing in gold is a wise and almost always safe decision.

That being said, the chunky gold watch is definitely something worth investing in. Of course, a pure gold watch would cost the equivalent to mercedes downpayment. Thus, I bring you some of my favorites that are a bit more attainable for the hourly payed intern such as myself.

Nixon "The Time Teller"

Nixon "The Cannon"

Michael Kors "Large Gold Runway Watch"

Obviously, purchasing a fashion gold plated watch is not the financially sound equivalent as investing in a long term asset such as gold. However, it will look damn good on your wrist this spring.

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