Thursday, October 1, 2009

Driving mocs

Hey y'all. So about 4 months ago I bought a pair of the Cole Haan gunnison driving mocs. I love

them, but the toe seems to be wearing very quickly. This bothers me seeing as how they were $165.

I feel like a good driving moc to preppy men is like what the tory burch flat is to preppy women. It's a daily staple. I'm over the whole sperry craze. I love(d) my sperrys since high school. I've had three pairs I've successfully broken in and worn out. But whats up with the hipster kids taken away our style?

I mean, urban outfitters sells them now. C'mon y'all, give me a break. Just the other day I saw a guy wearing skinny jeans, an american apparel deep v-neck, and a pair of deck shoes. If that guy has ever stepped foot on a sail boat, I'll bite my tongue may God himself strike me dead.

Point is I need some new driving mocs and I don't know where to go. If I ever get anyone to follow my blog, please give me some advice.


  1. I agree with you on the Sperry's. How annoying to see hipsters rocking them!

    Sad news about the Cole Haans. Usually they are such a great quality.

  2. J. Crew also had some great driving mocs for you boys, the boyf just picked up a pair, although I do love Cole Haan the best! xoxo KAG

  3. CTB, I am just as disappointed about my Cole Haans as well. Though I am wearing them now..wear it till it breaks, is was my daddy taught me.

    and KAG, I'll be sure to check the J.Crew site.

    Thanks y'all!