Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JDP Reviews: Vineyard Vines Polos

After years of pridefully sporting our beloved pony over my heart, I decided it was time I branched off and allowed a new friend into my collection:

I mean really, how can you deny that modest smile? When I had first heard of VV I promised myself I would never partake in the east coast trend that would soon die out. What respect did this Whale deserve? Who was he, to come literally diving into our world and take the stage our pony and croc had spent decades creating?

Nonetheless, it has occurred to me that times are changing and our friendly Whale has comfortably established himself in our homes.

I'll get to the point. The VV classic pique polo wears incredibly well. It is loose and roomy but by no means sloppy. The placket stays stiff and doesn't curl up like other brands. Tucked in or out, Shep and Ian know how to make a polo look damn good.

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